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How to Apply

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How to Apply for a Westminster College Foundation Spring Grant

  1. Review the Guidelines & Application Evaluation Criteria to ensure eligibility.
  2. You are encouraged to contact WCF by email at info@wcfoundation.ca to discuss the proposal or if there are any questions.
  3. Please click on the following link which will bring you to an online grant application form: Apply Now
    In order for Westminster College Foundation to make a decision regarding your application, you must include all information requested. It is important to note that the online application does not allow a submission if all the required fields are not filled out.
    You can save and resume your submission over time if desired. Once you submit the application you will receive an email confirming the submission, as well as a copy of your grant application.
    During the application process, if you have any questions, please be sure to contact WCF’s Executive Director at info@wcfoundation.ca or by calling the office at (519) 673-0040.
  4. Applications must be received prior to midnight on the deadline date.